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d23 The Baker, The Cupbearer…, the Candlestick Maker?
April 30, 2007, 9:34 pm
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Read Genesis 40:1-23.

No skippies!

So…Joseph’s succeeding in prison. Let’s check it out.

1. In case you’re wondering, a cupbearer was actually the guy who would drink from the king’s glass first in order to make sure that there wasn’t any poison in it. A baker could also poison a king if you think about it. So…these, althought they seem like unlikely conspiracy members, actually could be hired to wack the king!
2. One thing to notice, Joseph paid attention to the feelings of these two guys. Maybe some people wouldn’t have even noticed that they were “troubled,” but he did enough to ask. Do you notice people? When people look upset or like they are having a hard day, do you pass them by because it might be too much work, or do you care enough to ask what’s up?
3. Check out Joseph’s thought process. He says, “Don’t dream belong to God?” And then he says, “Tell them to me.” What does this mean? I think it means that Joseph is confident in the fact that God is still close with him, that God could use him to interpret these dreams. Are you confident in the gifts that God has given you, or you do you shy away from them?
4. OK…so the cupbearers dream was a good one. And Joseph is so confident in his interpretation that he says WHEN you are out of here, put in a good word for me! That’s confidence, too.
5. OK…is it me, or would you be able to put two and two together if you had a dream about birds stealing your bread? I dunno. Maybe I just think that would be a no-brainer. Anyway, the baker gets a bad dream. Can you say poisoned donuts? Anyway, he’s going to die.
6. Classic line, “and the cupbearer forgot Joseph.” Crap.

So…today would be a good day to reflect on Joseph’s confidence in God and his confidence in the abilities that God has given him. Like I said, who did God make you? Are you cool with that?


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Hey, Wazzup Man, Here’s Green Arrow

2.) Yes. I care to ask what’s up because I am nice like that and I’m like a care taker.
3.) I think it means that Joseph wants to share God to those people. I confident/shy because i really don’t know all the things that God gave to me.
5.) I’m not sure, that seems hard. POISONED DONUTS.
7.) Man you should of warned me earlier, I just steped in it.

Yes i am cool that way. I once again saved the world from devasation, and i off. I love you guys. Bye!

Comment by the green arrow

yes. i’m cool with being cool.

Comment by Team Loud

Hola Amigos!

1. oh, Ancient Eygypt wacking. Cool.
2. Well, I guess it usually depends on whether I’m busy or not, which is very sad. I try to talk to people when they look upset but sometimes when I busy I kinda forget or don’t take the time to try. I should try even if I am busy.
3. It kinda depend on the situation. Sometimes I’m confidennt and sometimes I’m not. But I’ve noticed that when I am confident I usually do a better job than when I’m not. Things usually turn out better when you putyour trust in the abilities God gave you.
4. Yay for confidence.
5. Poor baker.
6. That sucks.

I am definetly cool with who God Made me.

Adios Amigos!

Comment by jose ole

Hmm poison doughnuts kinnda like deadly creampuffs with arsnic filling and crushed swords for sprinkles.
Seriously though the thoughts of man are kinnda stupid…remember me…oops i forgot. Like I say I know what happens but the cupbearer is a little stupid. I don’t know a baker’s dream could have been interperated into your going to be cheif hunter now and catch me some birds.

Comment by Wolverine

Yes…or maybe he just heated up some Stouffer’s Lasagna for Pharaoh. I know that tears me up pretty bad.

Yeah…I’m thinking that the interpretation of the baker’s dream was a no-brainer too. Oh well. I guess we’re more enlightened.

Comment by supermannino

Hey, day 1 for me, gonna try to do two or three a day and catch up though 🙂

2 Yes, I try to pick up on those things. I’m not perfect though, but I try to pick up on others feelings

3 I am confident in this that He who began a good work in you (and me) will be faithful to complete it!

4 yes I had picked up on that “when” word too… he didn’t say “if” 🙂

5 I had never really given much thought to the reasons why the cupbearer and the baker were imprisoned, but that’s a good point, it may have been

6 I am happy with what God is doing with my life. It’s awesome being in children’s ministry and seeing God touch the children’s lives.

Comment by A2J

Very cool. Hey, thanks for checking us out, Amanda. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and your husband. As for working with kids…awesome!

Comment by supermannino

I think I’m still figuring out what it is that I AM good at. I know what I’m interested in and I know what I want to do, but for this very moment, I’m not actually sure what kind of talents I can lend to anything. Maybe that’s the part I’m shying away from? Diving into what I think I may already have and letting God show me off? Aside from that, though, I’m excited about who God made me and I’m excited to explore my talents when I really can connect with them.

Comment by justcourtney

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