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d24 Pharaoh’s Dreams
May 1, 2007, 7:04 pm
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Read Genesis 41:1-36

OK…so, last time we checked, that cupbearer forgot about Joseph. Sheesh.

1. Weird dreams about 7 ugly things eating 7 healthy things. I used to have a dream that I was on Wheel of Fortune, and I guessed every letter in the alphabet, and none of them worked.
2. Two years. It’s one thing to forget to take out the garbage. The house might stink for a day. But this dude forgot about Joseph and he was stuck in prison for 2 years. Wow. Think of what you were doing two years ago at this time. I was getting ready to marry Mary Kate!
3. In one of the biggest “oops” parts of the Bible, the cupbearer remembers that Hebrew who could interpret dreams. Oops…almost forgot…two years! Dude was in a pit.
4. Joseph gives credit to God for his skillz. Amen.
5. So…God gives Pharaoh a preview for what is going to happen. Obviously, his dream was like a lock that only Joseph could unlock. So God wanted Pharaoh to have Joseph stand before him for this very reason.
6. Joseph tells Pharaoh to put someone in charge of the grain storing process. They will take 1/5 of everything in the seven good years to have enough food for the seven bad years.

For me, this passage reminds me of the need to always be asking God for a “heads up” to the future. As much as I enjoy the victories of today, I’m always trying to think about what God might have in store for the future. And I want to set things up to make the future awesome. Hey…in honor of that. Take some time to pray for the seniors who are going to graduate soon. I’m sure you know of a couple. Then, pray for those 6th graders who are going to be coming into the ministry next year. Also, pray for the 5th graders because they are going to be able to go to the middle school camp at Mt. Hermon.


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Yay,dreams! I like to picture the fat cows. They are funny looking in my dream.

1. Thats kinda weird Paul.
2. Wow. Thats a long time.
3. How do you forget that!
4. Amen.
5. Got to love God’s plan.
6. Jpseph is one smart dude.

Oh,I’m super excited for the future!

Adops Amigos!

Comment by jose ole

Pray today and tomorrow won’t be grey. …I don’t know if I’ve herad that from someone or something before or if I just made it up. Anyway so he’s got to get someone to handle things…hmm I wonder who is good at handling things like a household and a prison…hmmm who could it be?

Comment by Wolverine

Sounds like a Dr. Suess rhyme. Good times.

Comment by supermannino

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