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d25 Joseph Rises to Power
May 2, 2007, 5:31 pm
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Read Genesis 41:37-57

1. Of course, Joseph would get the gig. He had just proven that God was in him. Did it probably tick off his magicians and “wise” men? Sure. But, by listening to God’s voice, Joseph rose above those guys. Are you confident in the wisdom that comes from God; or, as seems to be the case more and more in this culture, do you think that what God thinks is just another opinion?
2. Signet rings, gold chains, second chariots…awww…brings back freaky memories from Promise Keepers. He he he…inside joke.
3. Quick question: what do you think about the Egyptianizing of Joseph? Pharaoh gave him an Egyptian name, Zaphenath-paneah and an Egyptian wife (who was the daughter of an Egyptian priest).
4. So…Joseph had two kids with that Egyptian lady: Manassaeh (which means “forget,” like he forgot all the pain of his past) and Ephraim (which means “fruitful,” like he’s being now). These two names will be very important later.
5. Because Joseph had stored up all that grain (and no one else was expecting it), Egypt survived the famine and every other country came to Egypt to get grain during those seven years. Just imagine how powerful they became because of God revealing the meaning of Pharaoh’s dream.

What do you think of hte following in this passage:



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Hey Wazzup my Christian friend, the Green Arrow is here, so lets party!!

1.) Heck, Yes it did. No I have confident in the wisdom that comes from God.
3.) I don’t know, but I hope he doesn’t stay the head person, becasue he needs to spread the word of God.

* I thought Joseph is the man. Can I hear a Boo-ya?
The Pharaoh is just a confused man.
God is alsome. Can I hear a Big Boo-ya?

Man I’m just so excited, I can’t hide it, I love you guys. Bye.

Comment by the green arrow

Joseph – although he made some prior offenses, he seems to be God’s boy these days. so, i’m not saying ANYTHING negative about him!

Pharoah – paranoid

God – pretty great… strict, but great.

Comment by Team Loud


1. I would have to say that I am confident in what God says through his wisdom.
2. Hahaha.good times, good times.
3. Kinda weird. I wonder if Joseph like converted his wife to beleive in his God? If not thats got to be one weird relationship.
4. Cool.
5. Awsome.

Joeseph: He is really confident with what God has given him. He must have had a lot of faith to deal with all the suffering and still do what he knows God wants him to do.

Pharoh: I wonder whats going on in pharoah’s head. I mean he says that joseph is “obviously filled with the spirit of God” but does that mean that he believes in God. I thought Pharoah had to believe in the Egyptian Gods. And didn’t the Egyptians believe that the Pharoahs were Gods? I don’t know, to me, it sounds like pharoah wants to believe in God but can’t because hes not allowed to because he’s the pharoah.He must be really confused.

God: God is awsome in this story! I love how he never abandons Joseph. I know he never abandons me. It’s another reminder that God truly does love us.

Comment by jose ole

Alright so Joseph became a psyedo-Egyptian-prince. He kinda forgot too…his brothers and father who would be left out to dry in the famine…but then again his brothers did try to kill him if it hadn’t been for Reuben stopping them.

Pharaoh is a little trusting which is cool because its for a good reason however I dono’t know if I would want my king to hand off his kingly duties to some foreigner…

God, is fufilling his promise as he said he would. He would protect the sons of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. So Joseph’s faith has proven to not be in vain.

Comment by Wolverine

To Wolverine:

Well, it doesn’t really say if Joseph forgot about his brothers. Maybe he did; maybe he didn’t.

Yeah…that would be kind of weird. I can definitely understand that. Maybe it was just ridiculously obvious that Joseph was smarter than all the rest of those Egyptians.


Comment by supermannino

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