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d26 Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt
May 3, 2007, 3:45 pm
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Read Genesis 42:1-38

So now we all of a sudden remember that life went on without Joseph back in Jacob’s house, and we see what they are up to…

1. That’s how widespread the famine is. These guys live in Canaan and they need the food from Egypt too.
2. Notice that Jacob would not send Benjamin. Why do you think he held back Benjamin specifically? (I know the Bible says that harm might happen to him…but that could have happened to any brother…so why Benjamin?)
3. Joseph’s brothers bowed themselves to Joseph. Does this remind you of anything?
4. So…Joseph chooses to be rough with his brothers. What would you have done in this situation?
5. The brothers say they are “honest men.” Again, what do you think Joseph was feeling when they said this.
6. The brothers say that brother number twelve is “no more.” Again, what do you think Joseph was thinking when they said that?
7. Interesting scene here…Joseph says that he wants to see Benjamin, to prove they are not spies. Then the brothers discuss amongst themselves, in Hebrew (thinking that Joseph only spoke Egyptian), about that this is all because of what they did to Joseph back in the day. Reuben busts out a little “I told you so.” Notice who Joseph chooses to imprison. Any guesses on why it was him?
8. Then Joseph sets them up by giving them the grain but also hiding the money in their sacks. Why do you think he did that?
9. Interesting that when these guys are panicking, they finally mention God’s involvement in their life. Things suck…oh, it must be God’s fault! Do you know people who do that…give God the glory…when something goes wrong?
10. What occurs from here out is pretty dramatic. In a cartoon, this is skipped over. Realize that, when Jacob is told of what’s going on, he acknowledges that Joseph is dead and Simeon is as good as dead. He is not wiling to send Benjamin to die too. So…he is willing to accept the fact that Simeon is gone. Whoah.
11. Also notice that Reuben offers two of his own sons to be killed if he can’t bring back Benjamin and Simeon. Wow.

OK…at this point, what do you think about:



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…poor Lakers…

1. Wow.
2. Jacob didn’t want to risk anything happening to Benjamin because he was the only son left who’s mother was Rachel.
3. Hey the dream came true. I wonder if Joseph wished upon a star.
4. I’d be pretty mad at first but I think I’d be so happy to see them that I wouldn’t be able to be mean to them.
5. He was probably thinking “Yeah, Right!”
6. He was probably thinking “thats what you think”
7. no clue. Why Simeon?
8. Cuz he’s a nice guy. He doesn’t wnat them to be without money.
9. They kinda do the oposite of what Joseph did. They blame God instead of having faith.
10. Talk about depression. He thinks he’s lost two sons and is now being asked to give up a third. Thats some hard stuff to swallow.
11. I bet Reuben is offering his two sons because he feels bad that he let the other brothers take Joseph and doesn’t want to let the same thing happen to Simeon.

Joseph: He’s probably dealing with the anger he feels toward his brothers while also deeling with the fact that he loves them and wants to help them out in their time of need. It’s an inward struggle…like Spiderman.

Simeon: He’s probably thinking that he’s as good as dead if his dad doesn’t let Benjamin go to Egypt.

Jacob: Man, he must be going crazy with grief. He can’t be enjoying his life at this point.

Reuben: He most feel bad because he is the oldest and shouldn’t have let this happen to his brother Joseph. He probably feels responsible for all thats gone wrong.

Wow I can’t wait to see how they react when Joseph tells them whats been going on.
Adios Amigos!

Comment by jose ole

Poor kobes…ok…I can’t help myself on the Simeon question. It look like, to me, that Joseph is taking the one who would be most responsible for things getting out of hand. If Reuben (the oldest) really did try to rescue Joseph (and Joseph just found out about that while they were talking), then the next logical person to punish would be Simeon, the second oldest, since he would be responsible for the group’s decisions while Reuben was away.

Comment by Paul Mannino

So Benjamin was the only son by Rachel that Jacob had left.

Joesph was bein a trickster but he had right to do so…they where going to kill him.

Simeon was chosen because it was his idea to sell Joseph he was the oldest brother that was around…Reuben was off takin care of business.

Jacob was tryin to watch out for his son…seeing as how Benjamin was the only heir to Rachel his most beloved wife.

Rueben most be angry that the brothers did not listen to him in the first place…

Comment by Wolverine

To Wolverine:


Hmm…do we ever really have a right to be a trickster?

I agree with that. It was no mistake that Simeon was chosen.

Yeah, I’d be watching out for him too.

He he he…yeah, I guess so. Then again, Reuben had an obligation to not let bad things happen in the first place. As the leader, he should have vocalized his thoughts about Joseph a little more in the past. Sneaking into the well to save him is very “noble,” but maybe that wasn’t the best thing he could have done.

Comment by supermannino

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