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d27 A Change of Plans
May 4, 2007, 7:35 pm
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Read Genesis 43:1-34

More from the life of Joseph…

1. So…they run out of food, and Jacob (Israel) tells them to go and get more. Judah explains that they can’t go back without Benjamin. It’s all about the Benjamin.
2. Israel (yeah, they’re calling Jacob Israel now) then says that they basically should have lied and not said that they had brother #12. Think about it, though, what would have happened if they did that?
3. Judah steps up to the plate and pledges for Benjamin’s safety. He might have been in on the plot to get rid of Joseph, but he’s redeeming himself now.
4. Israel tells him to bring a bribe and double the money that they still had.
5. So…Joseph makes a feast for the brothers (because he sees Benjamin). I like what the brothers are scared of…he might “assault us…make us servants…and SEIZE OUR DONKEYS?!?” Random.
6. So..freaked out, they tell the truth about the money. Why is it that we sometimes wait until we are about to fall off a cliff to tell the truth?
7. The steward tells them it must have been a miracle because they got their money the first time. I guess he doesn’t know what Joseph has been up to or is he in on it?
8. So…all the boys are eating (Simeon is free), and they are preparing to butter him up with their gift. Hey, I like pistachios.
9. Bowing to the ground. Sounds familiar.
10. Joseph starts to lose it: he asks about his dad, he sees Benjamin and blesses him, and he goes off and cries. How would you feel if you saw Benjamin grown up, so many years later? Do you think they looked alike?
11. So…Joseph still plays some head games. He won’t eat with them (because Egyptians didn’t eat with Hebrews), and he served Benjamin 5 times as much as the older guys (normally, the oldest would get at least twice as much as the rest…not the youngest!)

So…what do you think about?

The rest of the brothers?


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Hey, hey, hey, its Green Arrow time:

1.) I think God would tell Joseph that they are lying, and then through them in jail.
6.) Maybe becasue were are afraid that something is going to happen worse if we tell the truth.
10.) I would feel so sad because I would want to be there for him. Probably because they come from the same parents.

*I think that Israel is a good man and an understanding dad.
I’m not so sure about Juda.
I think that Ben is a confused kid.
Joseph, I can feel him hurting.
I think the rest of the brothers are afraid.

Hey guys you may see me at mexico and help people. I love you guys, Bye.

Comment by the green arrow

hmmm first off how long did they let Simeon rot in jail before they needed food again? Think Simeon was a fortune teller like Joseph? ha ha

Israel needed food but he was a dieing old man so he had his grandsons look after him…hmmm

Judah steppin up to the plate…sad that his name later becomes something of evil since he himself is an alright dude.

Benjamin must have been thinking that Joseph was buttering him up or something if i was hiim i would be freaked out especially with extra food.

Joseph was still trying to ham it up…and he almost cracked probably his funky makeup wouldda run. te-he

Comment by Wolverine

To Wolverine:

Probably a long time. And you know Joseph wouldn’t have let him “rot.” He he he…I doubt it.

Don’t see what you’re getting at there.

No no no…you’re thinking Judas, not Judah! Judah actually becomes psynonymous with good. Jesus is known as “the Lion of Judah.”

Like maybe Joseph thought he was kinda cute?

Weird. Just weird.

Comment by supermannino

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