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d28 Joseph Tests His Brothers
May 5, 2007, 7:35 pm
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Read Genesis 44:1-34

More of Joe and his bros…

1. Joseph pulled the ol’ money in the sack trick again, but this time he stuck the fine china in Benjamin’s sack. Why do you think Joseph feels like he has to be deceptive here?
2. So…the steward is sent out to “catch” them on the road with the cup. Weird little detail: Joseph says to tell him that he uses the cup for the practice of “divination” (maybe by seeing how tea leaves land in the cup). That was something they did back in the day to study the will of the gods, like tarot cards. Anyway, it’s kind of weird that this godly guy is behaving in a ungodly way and that he is basically saying that he uses the cup for horoscopes.
3. The brothers spoke too soon (kill the guy you catch with the cup) because Benjamin was set up. It says that the brothers tore their clothes (a sign of great mourning or anguish). Why do you think the brothers were so upset?
4. Joseph messes with their heads a little more, and he basically says that he is going to punish Benjamin. Then Judah steps up to the plate and tells why Benjamin is so special. He also explains why Israel’s heart would be completely broken. Then he asks to be a servant in Benjamin’s place. He steps up to take his punishment. And his motivation seems to be pure– it seems that he is most concerned with breaking his father’s heart.

What do you think about (at this point in the story)…



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Joseph… change of heart or something? another test…or maybe he just wanted to keep his brother with him forever.

Benjamin must have been flippin out…getting fattened then accused of stealing…then framed…

Judah steppin up again showin some real character…more of a shame stupid name stealin Christ killing bagpipe.

Comment by Wolverine

To Wolverine:

Probably more like a test. But, then again, he would probably feel very protective of Benjamin; and, if he arrested him, at least he would know that he was safe with him.

Yeah…it would appear from his perspective that perhaps Joseph was bipolar.

Once again, you’re getting the names confused. This is Judah. That is Judas.

Comment by supermannino

Joseph is enjoying the situation a little too much at this point. He’s letting his emotions overrule the situation and getting a kick out of watching his brother’s squirm. Enough shenanigans, Joey.

In my head, picturing ten dudes standing around bawling and pulling their tunics apart kind of makes me laugh. I know that the circumstances aren’t funny at all, and I don’t mean to say that they are. Just that it’s kind of a funny thing to picture out of context and especially nowadays, where we don’t really go straight to tearing our shirts when we’re really bummed out.

Comment by justcourtney

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