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d29 Family Reunion
May 6, 2007, 9:24 pm
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Read Genesis 45:1-28

And more of Joseph…

1. Joseph clears all the Egyptians out of the room before he tells his brothers his identity. But he cried really loudly… Wouldn’t you?
2. He asks them about his dad, but they are all dumbstruck and can’t answer. Yeah, I’d be too.
3. Joseph refuses to be a slave to bitterness. He lets his anger towards his brothers go and tells them not to hate themselves for what they had done. Would you have had the strength to do that?
4. Then he tells them that God used all of it for good–to save lives. That’s perspective! He goes so far as to say that God put him in the position that he was in. What a unique perspective. Are you comfortable doing that in your life? I think of the things that blatantly seem like other people’s fault: my dad leaving when I was three and old friends betraying my trust–and I think I could so easily blame my dad or my friend for the fallout of those things. But Joseph would say that God caused my father to leave for good. Wow. Maybe it’s so I can understand the value of being a father. Maybe it’s so I can minister to teenagers (especially young guys) who are in the same boat as me. Wow. I guess Joseph’s perspective opens so much up. What do you guys think about all of that? Do you have things in your life that just seem like they were “hard luck” or “for no reason”? Could there be a reason?
5. So…Joseph tells the guys to go get his dad, so they can live in Goshen (a part of Egypt) for the next 5 hard years. His impulse is to take care of his family.
6. Then he hugs and kisses and talk to ALL of his brothers. Wow. Can you imagine?
7. Pharaoh hears about the family reunion and says he will hook up Joseph’s entire family. Extreme Home Makeover: Egyptian Edition.
8. Joseph gave Benjamin more than his other brothers. At this point, what do you think about that?
9. Check out Jacob’s reaction: his heart went “numb.” What does that mean? Does he faint? Anyway, he obviously is very excited about seeing Joseph.

So…can you comprehend the level of forgiveness that Joseph gives to his brothers?
Why doesn’t he take revenge?


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No, I can’t really comprehend how he could display so much forgiveness (Spidey 3 has an interesting forgveness theme too). I think I get more caught up wondering if people (and GOD) will forgive me. I mess up a lot more than I acknowledge sometimes. I feel more like the brothers than Joseph.

Comment by professor X

Welcome back Professor. For all you guys who don’t know the Professor. He is one of the coolest guys you’d ever meet, and I’m thinking that one of these days he needs to get shot out of a canon 3,000 miles to Vacaville. I’d catch you. He he he…

Haven’t seen Spiderman 3 yet (don’t like being in full movie theatres). But I am excited. I remember that the first one had the whole concept of accepting your “calling” and purpose in life. So, cool is Spidey is up to more noble messages…

Yeah, forgiveness is hard. I try so hard, but then sometimes a thought creeps back into my mind to get me worked up again. Forgiveness requires a strong mind–a mind that truly doesn’t desire to indulge in bitterness.

Comment by Paul Mannino

Well he’s probably freaked them all out to the point of heart attacks so he kinda has had his revenge and Benjamin his still his favorite since he was probably to young for the whole throwing into the pit thing anyway…

Comment by Wolverine

He he he…ok.

Comment by supermannino

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