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d30 Jacob’s Blessings
May 7, 2007, 9:46 pm
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Read Genesis 49:1-33

[Back to skipping some stuff…

*Joseph brings his family to Egypt.

*Jacob and Joseph are reunited.

*Jacob’s family settles is Goshen.

*Joseph makes Egypt very wealthy during the famine.

*Jacob ends up giving Joseph a double-blessing by blessing each of his two songs, Ephraim and Manasseh.]

OK…so here we go with the blessings of Jacob’s sons:

1. Reuben gets a weak blessing because he decided to have sex with one of his dad’s women. Big no no.
2. Simeon and Levi get a weak blessing because they retaliated against the men of Schechem when their sister was raped.
3. Judah gets the awesome blessing. The “lion” comes up here. Jesus is later referred to as “the lion of Judah.” Lion’s are king of the jungle. Um…and it also says that rulers will come out of Judah’s descendents. Yeah…later on, that’ll be David…and even later on…that’ll be Jesus. Do you think Judah “deserved” this blessing?
4. Zebulun’s people are sea-people. Cool…the pirates of Zebulun!
5. Issachar’s people will be in forced labor? Um…I don’t consider that a blessing!
6. I don’t get Dan’s blessing. He will be a viper and bite the heels of horses? Then it says that he will wait for God’s salvation? What’s up with that?
7. Gad would have liked Oakland because it seems that he will be a “raider” nation.
8. Asher’s people will have good food. Yesssss!
9. Naphatali’s descendents will apparently be good looking?
10. Joseph gets a cool blessing. It’s like he was hit at with arrows, but he always stood firm. It says that he will have blessings that surpass his father’s. I like that Joseph gets a lot of good in the end.
11. Benjamin is a wolf? Hmm…

Yeah…so…what do you think about these blessings? Rank who you think got the best/worst deals.


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Hey Wazz-up, it Green Arrow Time Baby:

3.) Yes, because he is a beast.
6.) I think he is both.

* I think Joe because there it talks about an arrow, boo-ya

I’m sorry i’m in a rush, i have to do something, but Paul could you type a letter talking about why i should get a job at The Christian Book store, and also talk about what kind of person i am. Then can you email it to my brothers email, thanks. I love You Guys, Bye.

Comment by the green arrow

Well, I like Judah’s blessng the best. It seemed to have an “eternal” consequence. I certainly wouldn’t want Rueben’s shame, knowing that everyone who ever reads that verse knows my sin. Real bummer.

Comment by professor X

You know what I like about the Green Arrow? Even when he doesn’t have a whole lot of time, he still comes on to grace us with his boo-yas.

Comment by Paul Mannino

so Judah did diserve this blessin in a way…he stepped up twice and took care of business.
then the rest all kinda got taken…

Comment by Wolverine

Exactly. And it is interesting, though, that we get that story of him thinking that that girl was a prostitute and whatnot. Shows that he wasn’t perfect either.

Yeah…maybe I just don’t understand Jewish blessings, but a lot of them seemed kind of weird.

Comment by supermannino

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