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d38 "Can Pharaoh come out and plague?"
May 15, 2007, 4:39 pm
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Read Exodus 7:15 – 9:7

How can you not love this part of the Bible? It’s so miraculous and mysterious.

1. Wow…that would be crazy for a river to turn to blood. All the fish would be dead. And it would stink! Wow…Moses wasn’t making red Kool-Aid.
2. So…it wasn’t just the Nile. Aaron spread his staff and it went everywhere. Insane.
3. How did the magicians pull that one off? Hmm…and, of course, Pharaoh’s heart was hard. This was all part of God’s plan.
4. Why frogs? I’ve heard before that it was to mock one of the Egyptian gods that was represented by a frog. Not sure. Still, this would have been freaky too.
3. So…how did the magicians make so many frogs? Anyway, it’s interesting that they could make frogs; but, apparently, they couldn’t get rid of them. Otherwise, why would Pharaoh ask for Moses to let up?
4. Interesting thing…Pharaoh could get rid of the frogs at any time…but he asks for tomorrow? Why do you think he wanted to live amongst frogs any longer than he had to?
5. OK…so the frogs didn’t just disappeared…they croaked (I couldn’t help myself). Dead frogs everywhere. Oooh…that had to stink. And then…Pharaoh goes back on his promise to let them go because he doesn’t see a problem anymore. Do we do that? Do we beg God for solutions to our problems (promising we will change)…and then, once the problem has been “fixed,” go back to our old ways?
6. Then the dust turned to gnats. The magicians couldn’t make gnats! Ha! Even they believed, but Pharaoh couldn’t.
7. Ooh…a miracle with a twist. Flies everywhere but Goshen. That should prove a point, right?
8. Pharaoh gives in, sort of. He lets them offer sacrifices in Egypt. Moses says that they have to do it out of Egypt. He lets them go. How interesting is this…Pharaoh asks Moses to pray for him. Why?
9. Moses says he’ll pray to get rid of the flies later and not to trick him. It didn’t work. Pharaoh changed his mind.
10. Dead livestock, but only dead Egyptian livestock. Crazy. I like that Pharaoh sent investigators to see if they Israelite livestock had not died. It hadn’t. He still didn’t let them go, though. Wow.

Which plague do you think is the coolest? The weirdest? The sickest?


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i think they’re all pretty sick. and pretty cool. definitely VERY weird.

my question is WHO ARE THESE MAGICIANS??? come ON! we don’t have magicians who can do THAT kinda crazy stuff.

so when even the magicians caved, the pharoh still played stubborn. you know how annoyed i’d be with this guy if he ruled over me? i think i’d start a little impeachment protest to get the guy out of office! who wants to live in a stinky old bug&frog infested place anyway?

Comment by Atom Eve

Impeachment? You’re thinking about it like an American. If you were an Egyptian, you’d have your head cut off.

Comment by Cyclops

So my favorite is the frogs just because of this mental image… you are sitting in bed after a long days work. you are just about to go to sleep when…RIIIBBIIITTT!!!… and it doesn’t stop infact it just gets louder and more annoying you open your eyes to see where all the frogs are coming from and they are swaming your floor…in fact you can’t see your floor because of all the frog…

yeah great plague ha ha.:)

Comment by Wolverine

You’re sick, Logan.

Comment by supermannino

So… the gnats didn’t cover Aaron and Moses right? I mean, if that’s the case: I know even before that point, Pharaoh’s d-e-n-s-e, dense… But to have all of your people, property and land covered in gnats, save for these two dudes who are trying to tell you to let God’s people go, it’s a pretty big indicator that they ain’t lyin.

I know his heart was hardened and that maybe he thought they were plain old magicians too, but even still… I’d start to at least think something was up!

Comment by justcourtney

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