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d98 The Sword in David’s House
July 14, 2007, 12:16 pm
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Read 2 Samuel 13:20-39.

1. Do you think Absalom meant what he said to Tamar about “not taking it to heart,” or do you think he was just trying to console her?
2. It’s interesting that it says that David was angry, but it doesn’t really say that he did anything about it. Why don’t you think he did anything?
3. Absalom’s silence would make me a little nervous if I were Amnon.
4. What’s the deal with David? Why didn’t he go to Absalom’s sheep-sheering party?
5. So…Absalom gets all the sons to come to his party, but his plans are to have Amnon killed when he’s drunk. Can you imagine how long Absalom’s been thinking about this revenge?
6. Is Jonadab supposed to be making David feel better? “Oh, king, only Amnon is dead.” Even more, wasn’t it Jonadab who helped Amnon rape Tamar? Now he’s helping David make decisions? Weird.
7. Is it only me who is a little confused about everyone being so sad at Amnon getting killed?
8. So, Absalom goes to live in Geshur, away from David. But it says that David’s heart goes out for him… It seems like he’s happy that Absalom did something about Amnon, doesn’t it? Then again, a son killing another son is pretty unacceptable.

Anyway, if you’re keeping track of the consequences of David and Bathsheba “getting together,” we’ve already hit two: 1) dead son 2) the sword has definitely made its way into David’s house.


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David probably wept for Amnon because 1) he was his son, no matter what he did 2) maybe he was upset because he did not have the foresight to prevent this, knowing what happened when he himself was sexually promiscuous. I think everyone else was in mourning because they did not know what Amnon did to begin with, did they?

Comment by miloisis

hmm well i guess that they cried for Amnon because he was the “favorite son” the son of Bathsheba. but Absalom was just another son. maybe beacue by killing Amnon they in turn lost Absalom since he technically could not return after killing his brother.

Amnon was probably trying to get Tamar to calm down and forget about what had happened if she didn’t spill the beans maybe they could’ve kept it a secreat and she could still be married?…

Maybe David wasn’t supposed to find out the way he did since Absalom didn’t tell him maybe he was waiting for word from Absalom before he would take revenge.

Comment by wolverine09

I just couldn’t imagine being in David’s position.

Comment by supermannino

A person with an honest heart really has to appreciate how much the Bible is unlike most other books that have recorded history contained in them in that it doesn’t seem to try and cover up mistakes or bad judgment calls.

Most accounts in “History Books” have been partially rewritten to give credit to those individuals whom the authors seek to idolize or to set as examples for the people to follow. This omission or neglect to add any of the embarrassing or unsavory acts to the record that the historical figure may have committed was most likely an attempt to make that person a more credible role model, and though this may have been done with some misguided sense of good intent it still takes away valuable information that could benefit those who read their accounts.

But as we have noticed the Bible keeps records of the “Good” and the “Bad” that was done by the individuals written about in its pages. David is one such example of this, and from this “no holds barred” type of history it helps us to really benefit from his example and help us to avoid such things in our life. If all the bad stuff was covered up in history then there would be no object lessons for us to learn from. So we can see yet another way that the wisdom from above is active in the inspired written word of God.

We can also see how forgiving God is towards the humble ones who willingly admit their imperfections and mistakes and are willing to accept what’s coming to them. Then if given a chance they make the effort to turn around and do the right thing by listening to God rather than men in seeking solutions to these problems. So if we keep a humble mind and are willing to listen to what God says is right and true over that which any “Man” may say, then we can not only benefit ourselves from the “wisdom from above” but also benefit those who listen to us (whether a family member or someone we have just met). May truth hold an honored place in all our hearts while pride takes the back seat as a killer of truth when the truth hurts.

Everyone have a great day!

Comment by JaK

i had a dream about the sword of david, some old guy showed me a sword that was underwater and told me this is the sword of david, but what freaks me out is that i never heard about the sword of david before i had that dream, does anybody have any advice?

Comment by Kingleo

Hmm…I don’t know what to tell you about that dream. I didn’t think David really had a sword. I mean, sometimes he used Goliath’s sword. I’m not good with the whole dream thing.

Comment by supermannino

I had a dream also about the sword of David. I told my pastor who is also very prophetic. he said it is a powerful symbol of worship. In your case it may mean your worship life needs to be improved

Comment by SP

Where did he find that it was a symbol of worship?

(I just want to make sure that we’re not making stuff up on here.)

Comment by supermannino

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