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d125 Esther’s Wake-Up Call
August 24, 2007, 3:48 pm
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Read Esther 4:1-17.

I just preached on this passage a couple of weeks ago. It was basically about how you can’t lead without being willing to lay down your life for those who you lead…

1. Mordecai didn’t care who knew. He was mourning in public. Isn’t it sad how often we hide what’s going on inside us? I love how raw Mordecai is here. And he did go up to the gate of the king. That’s still pretty bold.
2. I can’t even imagine how the Jewish people would have felt to have a death edict on them. I mean, think about it, all that we just read about the Temple being rebuilt, the wall being rebuilt, and the people turning their hearts to God–none of that would have happened if the Jews were destroyed at this time. Remember, this all took place between 2 Kings and Ezra.
3. Interesting that Esther wanted to give Mordecai clothes to cover his sackcloth. Hmm… At this point, is Esther’s priority seeing things from God’s perspective or not getting “caught” by Xerxes or Haman?
4. So…Esther sends Hathach to figure out why Mordecai is doing what he is doing.
5. Mordecai wanted Esther to use her influence to talk to Xerxes. Only problem was that this was not a safe thing to do. Xerxes considered himself a god…you can’t just apprach him whenever you feel like it. Besides, they hadn’t “been” with each other in a month. The bottom line is that their marriage wasn’t exactly strong…
6. Now, we always look at Esther as this super-awesome servant of God; but let’s not ignore her fear…and let’s not ignore the fact that Mordecai had to actually “threaten” her with the truth. The truth was that she could either help or not help…but if she didn’t help, she’d die somehow and God would bring a deliverer from some other place. Mordecai had faith in God to not let his people die, but he didn’t want Esther to rest on that vague hope and do nothing because that would have been sin.
7. “For such a time as this.” Great words of the Bible. You know, God orchestrates all sorts of events to occur and collide at different moments. That’s part of Him being sovereign. I am where I am “for such a time as this.” You are where you are “for such a time as this.” Do you believe that?
8. Esther then got serious. It was time for everyone to hit their knees. And, if she died, she died. Notice that she’s not certain that she’s going to get out of this…and she goes anyway…that’s faith.

So…what do you think about Mordecai’s role in this?
What do you think about Esther’s hesitency?
What do you think about her final decision?


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Hey, Wazz-up:

1.) Yes, it is sad and i admite it that sometimes I hide stuff inside me too.
3.) I think right now is not getting “caught” by Xerxes or Haman?
7.) Yes, sometimes in life there are “for such a time as this.”

*I like Mordecai in this role, because he is smart and knows what is going to be happening, and has a strong faith in God.
I think it brave what she is going to do.
I think she will have her faith in God and go do it.

Hey I’m sorry I wasn’t at church, It was my grandma’s birthday (the one who died) and my family went to the chatholic church. I’m going to try to make it tonight. I love you guys, bye!

Comment by The green arrow

I think Esther’s hesitency is normal. She is a woman who was chosen for her beauty, not her mind or opinion. She was chosen by a man who has shown himself to be ruthless and unforgiving thus far…

I do think that her final decision was admirable. Notice she did not go to the King immediately, but had three days of fasting. I could be wrong, but I equate the days of fasting with days of prayer and planning. She wanted to take the time to gather her strength, her thoughts and perhaps make a final plea to God. We know that Mordecai was a God-fearing man, I am assuming that Ester, being raised by Mordecai is then a God-fearing woman?

Comment by miloisis

Never apologize for prioritizing your family. That’s always a good thing.

Yeah, I like Mordecai too. He’s a pretty bold guy.

Comment by supermannino

Yeah, you can almost see the growth of her throughout this story. She really does find her wings, her ministry, her way to live out this faith that Mordecai has passed on to her. Anyone who was raised by people with strong faith have to come to a point when then make it theirs…Esther does this.

Comment by supermannino

Laying down your life doesn’t necessarily mean that we are faced with death. Most Christians during their life time will never see that kind of persecution. Jesus was saying that we must sacrifice our life. If your are a parent, you have laid down your life, a spouse should be laying down their life. Most of us will never be missionaries in a jungle somewhere, boldly facing blood thirsty savages. We are just folks, who when faced with the teaching that unless we face death for Jesus, we are not worthy … feel guilty. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t have the opportunity to be dismembered for Christ. The man who goes to a job that he hates everyday to support his family has certainly laid down his life. The woman who works and slaves in a hot house, washing clothes, cooking, training ungrateful children has lost her life to her family. These people could have chosen the bar scene, driving a new sports car on the coast road, or going to luncheons with their friends, but they are faithful in their commitment. If you give one minute of your time (the most valuable thing you have) to another person then you have made the supreme sacrifice. You have laid down a part of your life that you will never recover. If you help someone start their car, get a cat off the roof, cooked a meal for a sick neighbor, gave a drink of water to a thirsty man, clothes to the naked, or temporary shelter to a transient, you have acted in love and your rewards will be great in Heaven. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t face death everyday, you are bearing your cross, you are laying down your life. Rejoice!

Comment by Dr. Thomas Todd

Amen, Dr. Todd. Laying down your life can take on a ton of forms. It’s true, you can bear your cross in a lot of ways.

Comment by supermannino

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