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d142 Burned on His Lips
September 10, 2007, 3:38 pm
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Read Isaiah 6:1-13.

OK, so we’re skipping Song of Solomon. Save it till you are in pre-marital counseling, kids. Believe me, this ain’t the time.

Isaiah lived during the time when Israel was acting like a bunch of idiots and Assyria was close to invading. No one would listen to Isaiah. He warned of judgment, but he also prophesied that Cyrus would actually let the Israelites return to rebuild. He also predicts a Savior in his prophesies. The final chapters talk about what the new creation is going to look like at the end of the world when God rules as King.

We get to peep in on a vision that Isaiah had…

1. The length of a train on a robe was an indication of the king’s glory. God’s train fills the temple. You do the math!
2. Six-winged seraphim…covering their faces (maybe because God was too holy to even look at?) and covering their feet (because they were dirty?). Either way…what a picture!
3. I love verse 3. The angels call to EACH OTHER. They are reminding one another how holy God is. To me, this is the perfect picture of what the church should be about: each individual sharing with the others the glory of what God has done in his or her life.
4. Did you know that “holy” is the only word repeated three times a row in the Bible? I’m thinking that’s some kind of holy.
5. It’s like an earthquake when God speaks. It makes it all the more powerful that God speaks in a whisper when he spoke to Elijah.
6. What do you think the smoke was symbolic of? Or is sometimes smoke just smoke?
7. You have this insanely cool picture, and then you realize, whoah there’s a PERSON here. Isaiah is blown away by what he sees. Wouldn’t you be?
8. Here is Isaiah, a man who at his own peril, preaches the word of God in Israel; and he is not only afraid about how sinful he is…but he’s also afraid that he is guilty of living amongst a people who are extremely sinful. He’s petrified. This is not false humility.
9. And a seraphim burns a hot coal on Isaiah’s mouth, symbolically (and physically) making it possible for him to be forgiven. Now he CAN speak.
10. Here’s God again, referring to Himself as “Us”: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Yes, I know this is before Jesus is “born,” but God has no beginning or end, so wouldn’t Jesus somehow being “around” here?
11. Isaiah gets bold and begs for God to send him. Are we that bold?
12. This is God’s message: “You just don’t get it. If you did, you’d be healed.” Simple. And this is what Isaiah preached.
13. And Isaiah asks how long he should preach this. And God says until Israeal is decimated by Assyria. It happens. And when it does; well, it’s time for a new message.

There are two types of people:

People who say, “God, let thy will be done.”
And people to whom God says, “Fine, have it your way.”

Isaiah is the only first here.
The nation of Israel does NOT listen. And, they have it their way.


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I think that it is cool that the seraphim cleanses Isaiah with a hot coal I also think that that HAD to happen before he would volunteer his services Isaiah HAD to be cleansed and forgiven before he would ever offer to accept God’s call. To quote the note in my study Bible, “Letting God purify us may be painful, but we must be purified so that we can truly represent God, who is pure and holy.”

Comment by miloisis

Yeah…I agree with that. But it can also be intimidating to feel like I have to be always “pure” in order to truly reflect God on this earth…

Comment by supermannino

I want to inquire about using the image of the burning coals that you have on this page.

Comment by Ebony

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