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d151 Hot in the City for the Three Amigos
September 19, 2007, 12:03 pm
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Read Daniel 3:1-30.

1. Right after the story of a statue getting crushed by God, Nebuchadnezzar makes a huge gold statue. Apparently, he didn’t like the fact that it was just the head in the dream. Either way, how’s that for irony…
2. Talk about trying to make sure everyone was on board! He didn’t really leave anyone out when it came to making sure that everyone saw the huge statue. And he didn’t really leave anyone with wiggle room as to whether they would worship or not. Do it or burn! Hmm…
3. We don’t really know why the Chaldeans had it out for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; but they did. Maybe it was because Daniel “hooked them up” with good jobs. Bottom line: they set them up in Nebuchadnezzar’s eyes. Yeah, they did good jobs; but they didn’t bow down to the statue. Notice how ticked off Nebuchadnezzar gets!
4. It’s interesting that Nebuchadnezzar again seems to have spiritual amnesia. He just said to Daniel that their God was awesome. So…why shouldn’t the three amigos be allowed to worship Him only?
5. These guys believed God COULD rescue them from the furnace, but they also realized that He might not choose to. And, in that vein, they were ready to die if that’s what it took. I think we say we believe, but do we really believe? And what do we believe? Do we ever believe that we could “fail” or “die” and that it could be good in God’s eyes? I admire these guys’ perspective on this.
6. Nebuchadnezzar’s response is ridiculous, if you think about it: make the fire seven times hotter. Um…ok? So…um, what would that accomplish? If anything, the guys would burn quicker, aka less pain. Stupid is as stupid does…
7. What a scene…the three Babylonian thugs were burned alive while “escorting” the trio to the furnace; and they fall, bound up, into the furnace.
8. I don’t know the dimensions of this furnace, but it seemed to have a see-through element because Nebuchadnezzar realized that there were four figures in the furnace–one looking like a “son of the gods.” Imagine that. First of all, should there even have been full images of people at this point, wouldn’t they have already consumed and turned to ashes? And then…where did that fourth figure come from!
9. You can tell that Neb’s turning a corner in his head because he refers to the trio as the “servants of the Most High God.” And he tells them to get out of the furnace!
10. Dudes didn’t even smell like fire! Amazing.
11. Neb notices what just happened. He realizes that God sent an angel and that these guys stood up to him because they could not deny their God. That kind of faith is hard to deny.
12. Tearing people limb from limb seems to be a past time within the Babylonian empire. Anyway, no one is to say anything negative about I AM. Oh, and the trio get promotions again.


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Wow. This is always such an amazing story to read.

Just trying to imagine a 90 foot gold statue—puts the statue of Saddam to shame…

I am the type of person who will agree to something just to get out of an argument. I totally admit that I would be bowing down to the gold statue, if only to give the outward appearance of worshipping Nebby. But for those three men to openly refuse to bow down, even after admitting that God may or may not choose to spare them…well, I don’t know that I have ever met anyone who would be willing to go to that extreme. I’d like to say I would, in theory, but I know that truthfully, there is no way. Not at the place I am now. Maybe in a few years when my walk with Jesus is on more solid ground. However, even in the place where I stand, I a can see the sacrifice that they were willing to make and can completely respect it. I don’t know—I guess I am in awe that a human can have that much utter devotion to God and truly “put their money where their mouths are.”

Comment by miloisis

They definitely did that.

Comment by supermannino

I am from Thailand, preparing for Sunday school about Daniel. Stumbled to your site. Good stuff. Great and fun summary. Thanks. I just notice one thing and would like to share. Chapter 1 shows God omnipresent, going with Daniel to a new land. As God’s people heart was broken in pieces, God (temple)was literally broken into pieces like Jesus and was also carried off to Babylon. Chapter 2 shows God omniscient, knowing all and is able to interpret the things that no one can. In chapter 3 shows God omnipotent. GOD is able to save! not from the fire but from the desire that burns strong in us!
Just wanna share!

Comment by Life

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