ripple effect: vacaville

d167 That Guy
October 5, 2007, 5:34 pm
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Read John 1:19-34.

1. Hey…I can’t blame the Jews for sending Levites and priests. When you’ve got a religious situation on your hands, you call in the “clergy.” And the priests and Levites are trying to make sense of John.
2. John didn’t have dilusions of grandeur. He didn’t think he was the salvation of the Jews.
3. Why would they have thought he was Elijah? Do you think the Jewish people were waiting for him to come back since he technically never died?
4. So John didn’t say that he was a prophet. Why? I mean, aren’t his messages from God? Or would it be too simplistic to say that he is JUST a prophet?
5. John drops the Isaiah prophecy on them. He says, “I’m that guy.” Would you think this would be more offensive than if he chose option A or option B?
6. I’ll have to do some Pharisee research, but I’m pretty sure that I can say that these were alright people who just reacted to Jesus in the wrong way. I’ll research some more, though.
7. We know why he’s baptizing. Because he can. Not to rock any boats, but can’t anybody do that? Or do you have to be “ordained” to baptize people? Ironically, I have baptized four people in my life; but now I’m a part of a denomination that doesn’t let me because I am not “ordained.” Hmm…what should be the qualifications to baptize someone?
8. He says the water baptism is no biggie compared to the fact that there is a Hero among them.
9. That is no small thing for John to say about Jesus: “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” This would be a reference to the old sacrifices that people used to make to “pay” for their sins. Jesus is going to accomplish that for everyone. Of course, at the time, that means that John has an inside track on what Jesus is going to do and be for us.
10. John was born first, but Jesus was definitely “before” John.
11. So…when the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus, that’s when John the Baptist knew that He was the One. John was just following instructions. But now he knows that Jesus is the Son of God. (Do you think John knew Jesus as his cousin prior to this?)