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d169 Your First Miracle Is Going to Be WHAT?!?
October 7, 2007, 2:43 pm
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Read John 2:1-25.

1. Cool…this must have been a family close to Jesus because why else would both He and Mary be there?
2. Jesus brought along his boys. At this point, we know it’s Andrew, Peter, Philip, and Nathanael.
3. Hmm…there are so many implications to this story. OK…one, why did Mary tell Jesus that the wine ran out? Was she used to him “creatively” solving household issues?
4. OK…the shame of not having enough wine at a wedding would be devastating in that time. Granted, nowadays isn’t that much different. But, still… This would have placed the family hosting the wedding in a tought predicament. (Then again, it wouldn’t have been life-threatening–let’s not get carried away.)
5. Let’s not split hairs on why Jesus calls His mom, “Woman.” Unless you want to…
6. Jesus tells Mary that His time had not yet come. Hmm… OK… Let’s tab that in our mind when we get to the doing of what He’s about to do…
7. I love Mary’s faith. She tells the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them. As if she knows that He’s going to “take care” of the situation. He he he… I like Mary’s patient persistance in this story.
8. Huge stone jars. Let’s not diminish what this water was used for– Jewish rites of purification. A lot of this would involve the washing of feet. Ewww…these jars would be full of foot juice water.
9. Jesus asked for a refill. (But still…there was foot juice in those jars!)
10. It’s funny that we don’t get any kind of story of what the servants thought when Jesus said to “draw out” some of the water and present it to the host (probably their BOSS). That would have been priceless. I think “unemployed” was probably a word that they grumbled under their breath.
11. That dude tasted that water, and it had turned into WINE? Whoah. A little Cabernet Sauvignon? Amazing. The juxtaposition in my mind of those snobby wine tasters and the jars of foot juicy water makes me laugh. He he he… It’s kind of like when you put Exlax in brownees, and you giggle while your friend eats them. Only thing, this isn’t a gag. The water became wine! Whoah.
12. And then the bridegroom gets recognition for “saving” the good wine for last. See, the practice back in those days was to get everyone drunk off the “good” stuff; and then sneak in the bad wine towards the end. By then, everyone would have been so lit up that they wouldn’t have noticed the difference. So…this was rare! And what started as a situation that could have yielded tremendous embarrassment became a cause for celebration.
13. This was it…the first miracle. Water to wine. Some people question whether or not Jesus made “alchoholic” wine. The way I see it, the master wouldn’t have called it “good” if it didn’t have a little kick to it. It definitely wasn’t Welch’s grape juice.
14. I bet the disciples believed. Hey, Nathanael, that’s a little better than that “you were sitting under a fig tree” business?
15. Big question #1: If it wasn’t Jesus’ time, why did he obey Mary’s wishes? (Because I’ll tell you: Catholics pray to Mary because they believe that Jesus HAS to obey her. So…pray to her, and Jesus won’t be able to say no when she intercedes on your behalf.)
16. Big question #2: Why water to wine? Why would that be a first miracle? Do you have any reservations about that?
17. Big question #3: Anything significant about the symbolism?

Wow…there’s a lot today…

18. Something interesting always happens with Jesus in Jerusalem…
19. OK…so…um…what’s the problem with selling animals for sacrifice at the Temple? Also, what’s wrong with being able to convert Euros to dollars? Is it the what or the where?
20. Jesus made a whip of cords! OK…let’s think about this. This would mean that it would have been a long, calculated act. What do you think Jesus was thinking about while He was making this whip? It wasn’t out of passion or a knee-jerk reaction. Jesus seems to very much have meant to do this…
21. Then Jesus cleans house. Would this have been considered inciting a riot? Or damage to private property? Or communicating a threat? What makes this act “right”?
22. Jesus doesn’t want His Father’s house to be a “tourist trap.” Then we get a psalms reference about Jesus being consumed with zeal for God’s house…
23. The Jews simply ask when the heck is He trying to teach through all of this. Good question.
24. Jesus answers cryptically, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” That phrase will come back to bite Him later. At the time, though, no one really understood what He was talking about. They were trying to figure out the contruction logistics. John lets us know what He was talking about, though. This was a hint that Jesus was going to die and rise again after three days. Whoah… And notice that nobody “got it” until after the fact…


25. People believed because they saw Him do miracles. It would make sense to me.
26. Jesus didn’t trust the people’s reactions or support, though. He knew what people were capable of… What do you think that this means?