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d177 You Must Not Know ‘Bout Me
October 15, 2007, 3:44 pm
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Read John 5:1-47.

1. So…in Jerusalem, this pool apparently had “magical” powers. If you got in the pool first when the water was stirred up, you would be healed. Hmm… I don’t know.
2. Imagine being in that physical state for 38 years. That is a loooong time. Jesus asks him if he wants to be healed, and he’s talking about how it hasn’t worked for him logistically. Jesus doesn’t sweat the logistics. He gets up and walks. End of story. Right?
3. No. The nit-picking religious leaders harassed the guy (who had been crippled for 38 years) because he was walking with his mat on the sabbath (apparently, this was considered violating the sabbath to them).
4. Why do you think Jesus said for the guy not to sin anymore, or else something worse might happen to him?
5. Do you think the Jews were missing the point of what Jesus was doing on the sabbath?

6. Oh…and there was the whole calling God father thing. Yeah…that would be another reason for them to be mad, I guess.

7. Jesus is so in tune with what God is doing, that He waits for Him in all His actions. Awesome. It also appears here, that God the Father has deferred judging mankind to Jesus. And, apparently, the way to avoid judgement is by honoring Jesus as God’s Son and believing His words.
8. God places our fate in Jesus’ hands. What do you think about that? What would you think if you actually heard Jesus saying this at the time?

9. Imagine being only able to do God’s will. Wow.
10. And Jesus reminds them that John is testifying to all these things that Jesus is saying about Himself.
11. Jesus is saying that God has called Him, but nobody has really heard Him. And, they don’t “get” what Jesus is talking about because they don’t really believe in His identity yet.
12. How many people worship the words of Scripture above Jesus? Strangely, I think it’s a lot. How would Jesus’ brand of Christianity emphasize different things?
13. What is the difference between glory that man gives and glory that God gives?
14. Why does Jesus say that Moses accuses the nation of Israel? (Hint…maybe it has something to do with his lasting contribution on the Jewish people…)