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d181 Pursuit of Perfection
October 26, 2007, 2:14 pm
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Read Matthew 5:31-48.

1. So, according to Jesus, you can’t divorce someone unless there has been sexual immorality on the spouse’s part. Also, you can’t marry someone who has been divorced for a reason beyond sexual sin as well. Man…kind of makes you wonder what Jesus would think about our weak cultural “irreconcilable differences” reason for getting a divorce.

2. So…apparently people got into the habit of making grandious promises or “swears” back in the day. Jesus is saying to skip all that stuff (because, most of the time, people end up just cursing themselves anyway) and let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.

3. Hmm…so what do you think is going on here with the whole seeming reversal of the “eye for an eye” justice system? I mean, these seems like a 180 compared to what it used to be.
4. This is where the phrase, “go the extra mile” came from.
5. The description of the person Jesus is describing here seems like someone who could easily be taken advantage of in today’s society. What do you think?

6. How hard is it to love your enemy, the person who is hurting you?
7. Apparently if you did, you would look more like a child of God. That says something about the character of God.
8. Tough saying of the day: “Be perfect.” Wow…why do you think Jesus raises the bar so high for us?