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d183 Hakuna Matata?
October 28, 2007, 2:39 pm
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Matthew 6:19-34.

1. Gosh, I hate it when the moths ruin my treasures. He he he… Just kidding. Yeah, so Jesus is saying that we should store up treasures in heaven. Our heart is in our treasures. You know, that’s tough for me because I’m definitely a “collector.” But, what should I (we) be collecting?
2. This reminds me of a great quote by Jim Elliot: “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”
3. And then we get this part about out eyes. What would cloud our eyes?
4. Why would this be mentioned right after talking about our “treasures”?
5. Boy, is that true about loving God and money. Just last Sunday, our finance elder came up and talked about our upcoming “Consecration Sunday.” Judging by the uncomfortable looks in the crowd regarding the idea of church and money, you’d have thought he said “Constipation Sunday.” Anyway, we do love our stuff; and when church and our stuff collide, well…

6. Jesus is telling us not to worry. Maybe this is a logical extension of Him talking about materialism. Worrying about your life. Worrying about food. Worrying about my body. Worrying about clothing. Yeah, these are things I “need,” but it doesn’t mean that I should lose sleep over worrying about these things. And we often exaggerate our “needs” anyway.
7. Yeah…birds live without worrying. Maybe we could too?
8. I have worried a lot in my life, and you definitely can’t get much out of it. It is definitely a time-waster.
9. Flowers are pretty without having to go to the mall.
10. You know, for us Americans, I think we know that (at the end of the day) we’ll get what we need. But, how do you think this would sound to a culture in starvation, like the Sudan?
11. Seek first the kingdom of God and then all these things will go along with it. Hmm…makes you wonder if this is more in a spiritual sense: spiritual food, spiritual clothing…
12. Today does have a lot of worries. That’s for sure.
13. OK, so where’s the balance between this and “playing it safe” and making sure “all your ducks are in a row”?