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d191 Shining or Burning?
November 5, 2007, 1:02 pm
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Read Matthew 13:24-43.

1. More stories about planting. I guess, in an agrarian society, this would make the most sense to them. This is pop(ular) culture to Jesus.
2. Dude, how much would that stink. You planted good stuff, and some jerk comes by in the middle of the night to plant weeds! Crazy. I’d be mad!
3. OK…so then the servant notices what has happened, and he goes to the master. And the master doesn’t want to uproot the weeds just yet because it could hurt the good stuff. He tells him to wait until harvest time. Wow.
4. So, interpretation here: God has planted His word in the Law, the prophets, and Jesus. The enemy (Satan) has sown in a bunch of lies. Instead of going on a rampage and destroying all evil in the world, it appears that God would prefer to “let things play out” and deal with it when it needs dealing with. What do you think about this approach? How could believers be hurt if God were to remove all lies and sin from the world too early?
5. Burning weeds…scary…

6. We got the mustard seed parable yesterday in the gospel of Mark.
7. OK…but we don’t know about the yeast. A woman works the tiny bit of yeast into a bunch of dough. (Incidentally, I was watching something on the news the other day about yeast that is like 100 years old that makes the best sourdough. They grow it, then cut it off. Yeast can last forever, as long as it stays alive.) Bottom line, the little bit can affect everything.
8. Jesus was always talking in parables to the crowds. Why? Why not tell them plainly what He means? (Besides the fact that it fulfills a prophecy from Psalms.)

9. Again, I would be wondering too if I was a disciple.
10. OK…so the sower is Jesus. The field is the world. The good seed is all believers. The weeds are the people who belong to Satan (wow…this brings up a whole question about how each “side” is decided during a lifetime). The devil is the enemy who sows. The harvest is the end of the age. And the harvesters are the angels. Whoah…so this isn’t about truth and lies. This is about believers and non-believers. This is about the fate of people. This is much more weighty with that explanation!
11. The angels will take all those who are evil and cause evil and they will be thrown into a “blazing furnace where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” OK…taking the text as it is. This place is a real place. This in the interpretation of the parable. This place will be a blazing furnace. Fire? A lot of fire. I have heard people say that this is a metaphor for ultimate truth (because fire is a symbol of truth). Hmm…I don’t know if Jesus is in metaphor-mode right here.
12. A place of weeping. I think that’s pretty clear.
13. A place where people are gnashing their teeth. OK…i looked up “gnashing teeth” all over the web, and I came to this startling conclusion: there is no regret or remorse involved in this– this is about pain, anger, and frustration. In other words, the wicked who are in this furnace still will think they are right to be angry. Whoah. There will be no regret of actions on this earth or “poor choices.” Instead, at least, according to this passage, that they will simply be extremely uncomfortable and hopping mad about their current situation. Wow. What do you think about that place and those people?
14. And the people of God will shine like the sun. Very cool.


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