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d194 Counting Sheep
November 8, 2007, 12:00 pm
Filed under: god, jesus, matthew, satan

Read Matthew 9:27-38.

1. Has anybody any wondered how blind men “followed” Jesus?
2. There they are, again, calling Jesus the “son of David.” This is a meaningful name for the Jewish people…it would be synonymous with “savior.” These guys believed in who Jesus was and what He could do…
3. Imagine Jesus touching your eyes and you could see. Wow. Why do you think that Jesus told them not to tell anyone?
4. Also, why do you think the two couldn’t keep their mouths shut?
5. Another demon-possessed guy. This guy was unable to speak because of the demon. Jesus caused the demon to go away and enabled the guy to speak. I wonder what he said?
6. Of course, the people were amazed. Yeah, I would be too.
7. There go those Pharisees again, saying that Jesus is by Satan’s strength that He’s casting out demons…uh oh…

8. Could you imagine someone who didn’t just preach, but actually healed everyone of everything? I know that a lot of televangelists claim to have the power of healing, and they have been to-do’s up on stage at their big events…but, does anyone else doubt the validity of what those guys are doing? Is that my weakness?
9. Jesus had compassion on the crowd because they were like “sheep without a shepherd.” Ok…I lived on a ranch with about fifteen sheep; and, to some degree, I think I can understand this. I remember what happened when the sheep lost their chief ram. Old Jed was getting a little too aggressive around my landlord’s baby, so they had to put him down. Anyway, after that, without their protector, the sheep acted weird. Harrassed is a good way to put it. Helpless is another. Not long after that, a mountain lion kept creeping onto the ranch during the middle of the night and taking out the ewe lambs one-by-one. It was so sad. My wife and I were there the day two of them were born, we held them in our arms; but, without the protection of Jed (who was like their shepherd), the mountain lion teed off on them. So…the people were like this because they were desperate, but they didn’t have anyone to make sense of things to them, to protect them from evil. But, now Jesus is here…
10. Then Jesus compares all these people, these people who need to hear the good news, who appear ready to hear the good news, He compares them to a harvest. If a farm doesn’t have enough people to pluck the fruit from a harvest, the harvest just goes to waste. Jesus tells these guys that they need to pray to God to bring enough “workers” into the field to receive all that God is doing. It’s interesting to think that if there are not enough “workers” out there that people who could have had faith won’t have faith. OK, Boss, where do You want me to start picking?


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