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d211 Lemme Upgrade
December 2, 2007, 3:57 pm
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Read John 8:21-59.

1. Jesus really wants to communicate the fact that He’s going away. Do you think this is so that the disciples do not become attached to Him and instead focus on His teachings?
2. Some Jews thought Jesus was suicidal. Wow.
3. Wow, Jesus draws a line in the sand when He says “if you do not believe that I am the one I claim to be, you will indeed die in your sins.”
4. Jesus talks about being “lifted up.” What does He mean there?
5. It’s amazing to think that Jesus was so in tune with the Father that He wouldn’t do anything that His Father had not asked Him to do.
6. People were putting there faith in Him. Well, I guess that’s better than asking silly questions and saying that He was “of the devil.”

7. A couple of key things: we demonstrate our being disciples of God by holding to Jesus’ teachings; and, when we do that, we will know the truth. This truth will set us free. Holy living is a reward in and of itself. We will be set free when we follow Jesus’ commands.
8. Always missing the point, the Jews say that they are not physical slaves to anyone. Of course, Jesus is talking about being a slave to sin. Or, maybe like Morpheus tells Neo in the Matrix, we are slaves in our minds.
9. Somewhere in here is the idea that we will go from being a slave to sin to a son of God. That’s (in the words of that stupid Beyonce song) an upgrade.
10. Somewhere along the line, the descendents of Abraham missed the point that Abraham learned directly from God. They think that if it doesn’t come from Abraham, it’s no good. Jesus is saying that His Father is bigger than their father.
11. When Jesus calls them on their failure to be like Abraham, they say that they aren’t “illegitimate children.” Hmm…could have fooled Jesus…

12. Jesus says that they would definitely recognize Jesus if they were their Father’s sons (and daughters). He implies that, perhaps, they have a different “father.” How about the “father of lies”?
13. We learn a little about Satan. Apparently, he was always a murderer, always a liar.
14. I bet it appalled Jesus on so many levels that these people wouldn’t listen to the truth. It’s like the Dr. Phil guest that just doesn’t get it. Only, we’re that Dr. Phil guest.
15. If we “belonged” to God, we would hear what He says. What do you think about that?

16. Wow, so they throw out racial slurs and accusations of being demon-possessed. Those Jews sure knew how to make Jesus feel welcome…
17. Yet again, Jesus reiterated that He is not even doing this for Himself–it’s all for the Father’s glory. Where’s the demon-possession in that?
18. Jesus promises eternal life to those who keep His word. Awesome.
19. This eternal life idea causes the Jews to go off. They can’t imagine being any more righteous than Abraham, and HE died. “Who do You think You are?” I can answer that one. Jesus.
20. Jesus again says that this idea of Him living forever isn’t something He made up to make Himself look good. This was God’s choice. This is God’s doing. And, even though Abraham did die physically, HE longed to see the day when Jesus (THE MESSIAH, THE SON OF GOD!) would come!
21. The Jews response: “You’re not old enough to have known Abraham.” He he he…yeah, well, that’s up for debate.
22. Talk about a conversation ender…Jesus says that before Abraham was born, He existed. His words, “I AM,” were clearly the name that God had given Moses in the burning bush! Jesus is saying that He is THAT GOD, the “I AM” GOD. No wonder they picked up stones. What would you have done?


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