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d243 Courtroom Drama
January 24, 2008, 10:41 am
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Read John 12:37-50.

1. How could you doubt these miracles?
2. Isaiah said that they would basically have hard hearts and not be able to understand that this was “the arm of the Lord”…
3. So…is God the one who “blinded” and “deadened” the eyes and hearts of the Jewish people? If so, why would He do that? All I see is God’s heart in that prophecy: He says that if they turned, He would “heal them.” So…
4. That’s crazy to know that Isaiah saw Jesus’ glory…I mean, he did. Read Isaiah 6.
5. So…there were leaders who did believe in Jesus, but they were afraid to tell anyone because they didn’t want to lose their sweet jobs. Not cool. Not cool.
6. Are we silent about our faith at times because of fear of what it might cost us?
7. Jesus is saying that believing in Him is synonymous with believing in God. Is believing in God the same thing as believing in Jesus? What’s the difference?
8. I don’t want to stay in darkness.
9. How about the fact that even Jesus will not judge the person who hears His words and ignores them? Jesus isn’t the judge. He’s the savior. More like the defense attorney. Or maybe, He’ll just become the defendant in our place…
10. God, the Father is the Judge. So, don’t got thinking that God is a pushover…
11. Sometimes we think of God as a cruel judge, but we have to understand that his Judge is sending His Son to take the stand for us. To follow the court room analogy, that means that we have a judge who believes highly in the law and the justice system, but he also loves people. How do you satisfy the law by loving people? I think we’re about to find out. Because, unlike “real life,” a slap of the wrist and a “I can tell you’re sorry” is not enough. That doesn’t satisfy the law. So…how is it done?


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Hey guys its Matt B. I am just reading my bilbe reading!

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Bilbe again?

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