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d246 The Wedding Crashers
January 27, 2008, 11:42 am
Filed under: god, jesus, matthew

Read Matthew 22:1-14.

1. Again, our excuse-making culture would think that this is totally acceptable. But, I mean, the guy is THE KING. What excuse could you have to not come to the prince’s wedding banquet?
2. It almost seems like the king is lowering himself to even have to beg people to come to this banquet. He shouldn’t have to be telling them what the menu was. They should just come because he is the king.
3. They seem preoccupied with their work or evil. Busyness and wickedness. Yeah, those will keep you from experience the parties of life.
4. Wow…he killed the killers.
5. I love the fact that the king invites anyone his servants can find, good and bad. Amazing. If the king is God and we’re the servants, does this mean that God will accept into heaven “anyone [we] can find”?
6. Why would it have been important to be wearing wedding clothes? Did it mean that this random guy wasn’t showing the king or the prince respect? Was he simply a wedding crasher?
7. The king deals with wedding crashers harshly.
8. So…if this is all an analogy about how God treats us, I would look at it that the religious leaders are the people who rejected the invitation, and the servants are God’s servants (prophets and evangelists or even us). There is no discrimination towards the people who are invited, but there seems to be a requirement for these people…that they at least show some respect for the occasion. What do you think this means about the way that God looks at people and salvation?


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