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d247 I Spy Something that Isn’t Going to Work
January 28, 2008, 1:40 pm
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Read Luke 20:20-40.

1. Does anyone really think that you could use spies on Jesus? He’s God. Um…you’re not going to fool Him.
2. They didn’t know how to deal with Jesus, so they decided to try to trap Him into saying something that would get Him arrested for political (not religious) reasons. You have to admire their perseverance…
3. Why are they even wasting time trying to butter Jesus up?
4. I guess they assumed that, since Jesus was the Christ (the One who would free the Jews from oppression), He would say, “Viva la revolucion! To heck with paying taxes to Caesar.” They were wrong…
5. Jesus’ answer is awesome. Follow your obligations to give money to Caesar (his image IS on the danarius coin). But since the image of God is on you, you need to give your life to God. Awesome!
6. He stupefied them.

7. OK, so the Sadducees didn’t believe in life after death. How sad, you see. He he he…that sounds like Sadducee. He he he…
8. More of the law of Moses. This almost sounds like a riddle. But, indeed, this is a law in the Old Testament. If a guy dies, the next oldest brother marries the widow and preserves the line by having a kid for the older brother. It sounds weird. But that’s what they used to do.
9. I’d be wondering if that woman was poisonous or something.
10. It is a good question, though, who will she be married to at the resurrection because all seven brothers were her husband.
11. Does it bother any of you to see that Jesus doesn’t seem to say that marriage really exists in heaven?
12. My wife, Mary Kate, would be more like my sister in heaven. You know, I think that might even be better in a lot of ways. We will be children of God.
13. Wow, and Jesus says that even Moses believed that people weren’t dead after their lives on earth. He calls God “the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” Jesus says that this was understood that none of those guys were “no longer” even though they were dead.
14. I picture some British teachers saying, “Tally ho! Good show! Touche’!” He he he…
15. Any more questions? No. Ok. He he he…


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Hey, Wazz-up:

1.) No, way, he would give you a big hard question to answer. So don’t do it.
3.) Because they hate him, and doesn’t want him to become powerful.
11.) No, because Heaven is the groom and the church is the bride. Boo-Ya!
12.) So does that make you my long lost asian brother! He. He.
14.) I can see Paul saying Put it in my chest sam.
15.) Nope.

Podcast Q: The game on tv was called The Moment Of truth, and I agree with you about that game is dumb. For a favor for me, could you guys hold on to Smash-Up until, I’m a special guest or whatever you call it. I hope that I can win the burrito raffle so, I can bring it to Joshes party. I would like to be a secret character, as the Green Arrow and for one of my arrows I can shoot a boxing glove. The biggest rip-off that I have went through was getting logans hair at the white Elephant Gift Exchange.

But, I’m done. I love you guys, bye!

Comment by Green Arrow

Very nice responses this week Matt. Lovely. Oh, and I have your podcast responses; but, unfortunately, we already aired this week’s podcast. Sorry! I’ll get those responses in next week. I like the idea of using the Smash-Up CD, though.

Comment by supermannino

Believe it or not Paul, I just recently found out that I had been told (and was believing) a lie most of my life about heaven. I guess because I got my basic noneducation education from catholic school. (imagine that) I was taught to believe that when we die we will be reunited with our mothers and fathers and husbands or wives. Okay, I bought that. It seemed to work for me at the time, until my SECOND marriage. Hmm…I seem to have a problem here. Ah…God? Which husband are you going to reunite me with? Is there some sort of ranking order, like “I married her first” or “yea…but the other one was a jerk so surely you’re not gonna hook me up with HIM again?? I really was confused. Then I actualy read the words in the bible for myself (without the middle man) and I realized that when I die, God has rigged it so there is no “pecking order” other than we will ALL be brothers and sisters. Kinda cool! I will go from your “earthly” mother to your heavenly sister in the blink of an eye! My Dad will no longer be my father, but will become my brother! This probably sounds so adolecsant to you but it was a big “OH MAN< I GET IT NOW” thing for me. Just felt like sharing that with you. By the way, I guess you figured out I’ve been following the readings with you.
Anyhoo, to answer the question, No it does not bother me to know there is no marriage in heaven…for me it’s a relief. luvya 😉 mom

Comment by supermom

Yeah, Mom, I think this is a common misconception in Christian circles. We get a lot of pithy comments about this stuff at funerals and whatnot. But, things that are designed to make people feel better and not point towards the glory of God aren’t worth too much.

And, no, I never thought of the other familial relationships in this way. That is funny. You will be my sister. Hmm…that’s cool. It all points towards God and oneness in Him.

Comment by supermannino

Hey guys it’s Matt B. sorry that I haven’t beem on in a while ,but I am going to get caught up.

Comment by Matt B.

Matt’s back!

Comment by supermannino

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