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d250 More from the End
January 31, 2008, 12:52 pm
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Read Luke 21:1-24.

1. It’s inspirational to think that a woman without much gives more because she gives out of her poverty. I think we measure what we are doing with out offerings to God too much in man’s eyes. That’s why I think that the tithe is brilliant in some ways but deceptive in others. Yeah, for someone without much, 10% might be a huge commitment; but it’s not to someone like Johan Santana (the Mets new pitcher) who’s going to be making 23 million dollars a year. I think as we grow in wealth, we need to consider upping how much we give to God. I mean, isn’t there a place where we have “enough”? Or, as crazy Americans, is there always going to be something else that we “need”?

2. I bet the temple was pretty. But Jesus tells the disciples that it’s not built to last. They wonder when the temple’s going down…
3. Jesus tells them that this end is coming right away. I wonder why so many thought that it was going to happen soon, though. It seems like every generation thinks that their time is the “end of times.” Why is that?
4. You could say that we have nations fighting each other, earthquakes, famines, and whatnot. I don’t know. I don’t pretend to know. How would you live differently if you know that we were, in fact, living in the end times?
5. Also, it appears that their will be an assault on those who follow Christ. See, I don’t think it’s happened to the degree that Jesus is talking about here. Maybe I’m just looking at it from an American perspective. I know people are being persecuted in other parts of the world.
6. Do you think that Jesus is talking about the future, or do you think that, now, He’s talking about the lifetimes of the disciples? Because, I mean, almost all of those guys were sold out and killed…
7. Jerusalem is not really surrounded by armies right now. Has anyone read the “Left Behind” books? When they surround Jerusalem, it’s like a worldwide military assault.
8. I can’t imagine what it will be like to live in those times…
9. Wow…yeah, how would it be to have a baby in your womb or on your hip in a time when it is a free-for-all against Christ-followers? Not good.


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Hey, Hey, Hey:

1.) Yes, the kingdom of Heaven. Nope, when we get to Heaven.
3.) Probably because they think it means that the last time standing on earth before going to heaven.
4.) I’m not sure, I would probably stay at church during the week + weekends and pray or I would just act myself.
6.) I think he is talking about us of how much time we have left, before we stand in front of God.
7.) Nope.
9.) Not good, I would try to protect the baby.

Hey, I’m done, boo-ya. I love you guys, bye.

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