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d252 Silly Virgins and the Godfather
February 2, 2008, 2:47 pm
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Read Matthew 25:1-30.

1. First of all, when we’re talking about “virgins” here, we’re not talking about whether or not the ladies had sexual experience or not. This simply refers to young women. (I guess, to some degree, it was assumed that younger, unmarried girls wouldn’t have sex.)
2. Why would the ten young girls want to see the groom? This almost seems like a Duracell commercial. Five used the copper top, while the other five used store brand lamps. He he he… Anyone, five were prepared. Go girl scouts!
3. I guess the groom coming at midnight was like him arriving after he got married? Either way, the girls all wanted to see him. And some were prepared and others weren’t. Then the five unprepared ones try to bum some oil off of the smart girls. Do you think that being prepared is a high priority? I remember being in school and knowing kids who simply expected to be able to bum stuff off of their neighbor (like a pen or paper). Is this healthy?
4. How many oil stores are open at midnight?
5. Imagine that, they missed out on the party. Darn. Man, they must have been partying until the early light…
6. So the girls get shut out. What do you think this has to do with the kingdom of God?

7. For the sake of ease, let’s call a talent a G (or 1,000 bucks). One guy gets 5 G’s. The other gets 2 G’s. And the last gets one G. Apparently, the man knew who was skilled or trustworthy and gave them responsibility to coincide with that.
8. 5 G guy made 5 more G’s, making him 10 G guy. Good for him.
9. 2 G guy made 2 more G’s, making him 4 G guy. Good for him too.
10. There might be a reason why 1 G guy got only 1 G. He just dug a hole and put his money in there. Ruh roh… This left him 1 G guy.
11. And now this episode of “The Apprentice” nears its end. The Donald comes in to check how everyone did. 10 G guy is living large and gets a pat on the back and assurances that they will have many more opportunities to do business together.
12. 4 G guy also gets love from the boss man. He will also get more opportunities to work with the master. Niiice.
13. And then 1 G guy comes in. Uh oh. He implies that the master is kind of lazy and evil, maybe like a mafia boss. So…in fear, this guy gives his excuse. Oh oh…
14. The master flips out. He basically says that if he was so afraid of Him, the least he could have done is gained some interest or something. This guy was so scared he did nothing.
15. Mr. 10 G’s becomes 11 G’s. Maybe this is to show the extravagance of perks that one gets if he does well for the master.
16. Mr. 1 G becomes penniless. That’s what you get if you put nothing into it. And, beyond that, this guy is going to get thrown out of the business and experience pain.
17. Why did the guy think that the boss was like a mafia boss? If this whole story is analogy of God’s character and our response to it, do we ever look at God like this harsh mafia boss?
18. Do we make excuses for why we are not productive?
19. Do we actually think that God would prefer for us to do nothing with out talents (out of fear) than to at least fail in an effort to grow His kingdom (the family business)?


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