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How to “Do” the Blog

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Wait for the video to load.

Comment by supermannino

i like! i don’t know what my favorite part is… i’ll have to get back to you on that.

Comment by t-racy

Nice dude just like the instructional video on communion…ha ha but yeah amazing im starting over cause i kinnda stopped at about week three so yeah i like the video and new site. A-mazing.

Comment by Logan

That’s the beauty of this beast–you can start / restart any time. And every path ends up different because of the comments that people have put on previously.

Comment by supermannino

Sorry I didn’t commit on it the beginning, but this is totally great! I love it! This diserves a mega Boo-Ya!! I Love You Guys!! Bye.

Comment by The green arrow

A mega Boo-Ya! I’m honored.

Comment by supermannino

I am sneaking in another HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you son!! Have a wonderfull day!!!!!

Comment by mom

You know…I’ve known this 7/7 business was a lucky day my whole life. The world’s finally catching up with me. 7/7/78. Wahoo. Last year as a twenty-something! Oh wait. That’s not cause for celebration, is it???

Comment by supermannino

Just stumbled across this site when I was looking for some stuff for my husband for Sunday at church. He’s a children’s pastor. Anyways, I thought it was really cool! He’s in bed now, but I DID save it to favorites, and am going to start taking part and I’m sure my hubby will too. This is an awesome idea! I like the interactive part of it. We are also a part of an online church, maybe you would like to come check it out sometime. My husband is the pastor. It’s called It’s all online, interactive, and… here’s the best part, maybe you would be interested in, we’re looking for Bible study leaders. We have Sunday service at 8 pm Central time. We have other events going on at times during the week too. Please, if you can come check us out. Make sure to let us know who you are if and when you do come in. My husband goes by Pastor Ron on there, I am Amanda. Chris started up the church, his name he goes by on there is mbdil. From reading what I have read so far, if you have time, I think you would lead a very thought provoking Bible study, Even if you aren’t interested, I am still going to do this, thanks for all your work. Thanks for your time! God bless you!


Comment by A2J

What a great concept! Thanks!

God Bless,

Comment by Scotti

this rocks

Comment by austin 3.16

Yeah, I need to make a new one, though. Maybe you can help me, Mr. 3:16.

Comment by supermannino

First of all, I was so excited to stumble across this site! I have a son and a daughter, both in their 20’s who have strayed from the church and I am trying to help them get back into Bible study. If I could get them to go to this site and discover this exciting way to study the Bible , I’d be really happy! I was wondering if I am able to put this utube link on MySpace page so kids I iinvite can see it and connect with itf? Can you let me know if I can and how? thanks!!!! Carolyn

Comment by Carolyn Sapio

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